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Spicy Kimchi Dip and Chips

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Spicy Kimchi Dip and Chips

Try our take on the iconic and delicious Korean side dish, Kimchi!

This recipe features cream cheese, soy sauce, scallions, and our very own TRUFF HOTTER Hot Sauce for an extra kick. Chips are the perfect accompaniment to this recipe, and if you're able to pick up authentic Korean chips, that's even better!

  1. Place the cream cheese, kimchi, soy sauce, scallions, and TRUFF in the bowl of a food processor, blend until smooth. Keep the dip refrigerated until ready to serve.
  2. When ready to serve, transfer dip to a serving bowl and garnish with reserved kimchi and scallions.
  3. Serve with your favorite chips on the side for dipping.



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