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Truffle Pasta Sauce: How To Use Truffle Pasta Sauce in Your Kitchen


Truffle Pasta Sauce: How To Use Truffle Pasta Sauce in Your Kitchen

For many people, preparing food is not only done out of necessity but delight. Are you someone who looks forward to creating new dishes, crafting unique sauces, and adding personal twists to crowd-favorite recipes? If so, you're likely used to scouting out new ingredients to see how they might enhance your cooking skills.

If you're hoping to expand your cooking to new frontiers, you can't rely on the same ingredients you've used for ages. Instead, you'll want to explore new territory with luxury truffle-infused sauces that can make every meal amazing.

Today, let's dive into how truffle pasta sauces can upgrade the dishes you already love to make. Then, we'll talk about the reasons you’ll love truffle-infused sauces.

What Are Truffles?

Before we talk about the reasons you enjoy truffle-infused products, let's explore what truffles are and where they come from. It's not clear when truffles were first discovered, but there is a record of their existence as far back as the 20th century BCE. They're technically edible fungi, and they're in high demand because of their scarcity and how long they take to grow to maturity.

Although these delicacies are incredibly ancient, new species of truffles are constantly being discovered. Overall, these rare dainties can elevate many well-loved dishes, making them a luxurious and well-deserved addition to your condiments.

TRUFF's Truffle-Infused Pasta Sauce

When you want to upgrade your condiment selection, opting for TRUFF's truffle-infused sauces is a terrific move. When it comes to cooking Italian cuisine, you can't go wrong with our TRUFF Pomodoro and Arrabbiata sauce. Keep reading to find out more about each of these mouth-watering pasta sauces.

TRUFF Arrabbiata Sauce

Our TRUFF Black Truffle Arrabbiata sauce is out of this world. This red sauce not only includes delicate truffles but also features a mild kick that can add more heat to your favorite Italian dishes.

How to Use it: Try it in place of marinara sauce or pizza sauce. Enjoy every spicy bite.

TRUFF Pomodoro Sauce

Our TRUFF Black Truffle Pomodoro sauce is a go-to red sauce for Italian dishes. Translated, "Pomodoro sauce" means "tomato sauce." What makes it spectacular is the delicate black winter truffles infused in the sauce.

How to Use it: Try adding this sauce to any spaghetti or noodle dish for an upgraded experience.

14 Ideas for Using Truffle Pasta Sauce in Your Italian Dishes

Are you feeling inspired to try new things with your cooking? You don't have to try entirely new recipes. Instead, you can make the recipes you know and love with an added twist –– truffle-infused sauce to make the flavor stand out.

1. Spicy Lasagna

If you're like many people, lasagna was a staple dish in your household growing up. Whether you had it once per week or once per year, it was likely a dish you grew to love.

When recreating this dish, you can stick to the traditional way of preparing it, with one added element –– truffle-infused Arrabbiata sauce. Our TRUFF Arrabbiata Sauce gives lasagna a kick of heat.

2. Truffle-Infused Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti and meatballs is another well-loved dish. It's a perfect go-to meal when you're in a rush and want to eat something delicious and filling.

To elevate this typical dish, all you need to do is use TRUFF Pomodoro Sauce instead of regular marinara or meat sauce. The truffles used in our sauce add a distinct, luxurious flavor to a classic dish.

3. Spicy Truffle Ravioli

As you might know, many people grow up eating ravioli from a can. While it may be an enjoyable, nostalgic experience, creating gourmet ravioli is something everyone should try at least once.

One way to make the most of ravioli is by using TRUFF Arrabbiata Sauce in place of the red sauce inside. Spicy ravioli is the new weekend indulgence meal you didn't know you needed.

4. Pomodoro Tortellini

Fans of tortellini know how uniquely tasty this dish can be. The croissant-shaped noodles and creamy filling make it a distinctly delicious Italian meal.

When you want to make tortellini your own creation, consider adding a layer of TRUFF Pomodoro Sauce to your tortellini. Although the red sauce isn't customary for tortellini, truffle pasta sauce can add a savory luxury to this meal.

5. Arrabbiata Penne

One of the most common ways to enjoy Arrabbiata spicy sauce is with traditional al dente penne pasta. To cook al dente pasta, try the following steps:

  • Boil your water. Put salted water on your stove top until it comes to a boil.
  • Add your pasta.
  • Taste your pasta. When it is two minutes before the time the package suggests it should be done, evaluate its texture.
  • If the pasta is chewy, it is done. If it is still tough, cook it for one minute longer before testing it again.

6. Luxury Sausage Pasta Bake

One way to enjoy pasta with a healthy amount of protein is to cook a pasta bake with your choice of pasta, sausage, cheese, and sauce.

Once you've selected your favorite pasta and added your sausage, you can mix it together in a casserole dish with luxury truffle-infused Pomodoro sauce. Then, top your pasta bake with cheese for a finishing touch.

7. Spicy Shells and Cheese

You don't need an excuse to make macaroni and cheese for yourself, but our TRUFF Arrabbiata Sauce will give you one anyway.

Although shells and cheese can be a fantastic dish independently, adding a kick of Arrabbiata can take things to new heights. You may dream about this spicy, cheesy dish for weeks after preparing it.

8. Truffle Hamburger Helper

Hamburger helper is a household favorite dish for many. But you can put a new twist on an old favorite by drizzling truffle-infused Pomodoro sauce. You will love every cheesy, meaty bite with decadent Pomodoro sauce as the finishing touch.

9. Spicy Farfalle Pasta

You might know this pasta shape as bowtie pasta or butterfly pasta. It's technically called farfalle, but a pasta shape by any other name would taste as scrumptious.

Although some eat this pasta shape with meatballs and marinara sauce, you can make things more exciting. Add TRUFF Arrabbiata Sauce to your farfalle pasta for a dish that packs gentle heat.

10. Pomodoro Stuffed Cheesy Shells

One way to enjoy truffle-infused Pomodoro sauce is by layering it on top of cheesy stuffed shells in a casserole dish. This delectable, cheesy dish is perfect for nights when you need an easy dinner that can feel like a five-star dining experience.

11. Spicy Vegetarian Bolognese

Let's say you'd rather not eat pasta dishes that include meat. In that case, you can enjoy a spicy vegetarian bolognese with our TRUFF Arrabbiata Sauce. In this dish, quinoa takes the place of meat to create a vegetarian-friendly dish with an exciting spice.

12. Butternut Squash Lasagna with Pomodoro

If you're trying to dish gluten, butternut squash can make an excellent substitution for pasta. When layering your cheese, meat, and sauce, use our TRUFF Pomodoro Sauce. The high-quality black winter truffles can make this dish fit for royalty.

13. Vegetarian Pasta Bake With a Kick

Baked pasta with cheese, herbs, and delicious sauce is a perfectly easy recipe to make on a weeknight. This meatless baked dish is only made better by the addition of our truffle-infused Arrabbiata sauce.

14. Baked Chicken Truffle Pomodoro 

Are you a fan of chicken marinara? This high-protein dish highlights chicken laid on top of your choice of pasta with marinara sauce layered on top.

To make this dish more impressive, top it off with our truffle-infused Pomodoro sauce instead of its traditional marinara sauce. It's an easy dish to pop in the oven and serve to your loved ones or dinner guests.

4 Reasons To Stock Your Pantry With Truffle-Infused Sauces

So far, we've explored over a dozen ways to use truffle-infused pasta sauce in your kitchen. By substituting this sauce for marinara or meat sauce, you can enjoy a world of new flavors in your favorite dishes.

These are only a few ways to enjoy truffle pasta sauce. And incorporating more truffle-infused sauces into your condiments can open the door to hundreds more exciting dishes.

If you're not convinced, we've put together four more reasons TRUFF sauces can make a difference in your cooking. Let’s take a look.

1. Your Loved Ones Will Rave About Your Meals

After you add TRUFF luxury truffle-infused oil, hot sauces, mayonnaise, and pasta sauces to your collection, your loved ones will notice. As you make your usual dishes, they’ll know something tastes incredible about your recent recipes.

Don’t be surprised if you get requests for repeat meals after you begin incorporating TRUFF sauces. They’re just that good.

2. You Won't Have To Restock Condiments

Whenever you use up condiments, you usually have to remember to add the item to your grocery list so you can remember to stock up for your upcoming meals. But who has the time to remember to add each condiment that runs out?

TRUFF sauces come with the option of a subscription so you can continue to enjoy your favorite sauces year-round without worrying about running out. Don’t need one of your sauces that month? Our luxury sauces make a terrific gift to a friend who loves cooking as much as you do.

3. You Deserve High-Quality Ingredients

If you’re still on the fence about upgrading to luxury TRUFF sauces for your kitchen, think about what you have used throughout your cooking journey. How often have you treated yourself to excellent ingredients that elevate your cooking experience?

If it’s been a while since you have tried something luxurious in your cooking, you owe it to yourself to experiment with something new. You might choose to start with our TRUFF Arrabbiata or Pomodoro Sauce. After that, you may decide to experiment with TRUFF Hot Sauce to spice up your favorite foods.

4. Many of Our Sauces Are Vegan and Gluten-Free

If you’re someone who likes to avoid gluten or animal products, our sauces make it easy to do. Our TRUFF Hot sauce, truffle oil, and pasta sauce are gluten-free and vegan. Additionally, our TRUFF Mayonnaise is gluten-free.

Up Next: TRUFF Sauce

Ready to dive into delicious new flavors? Whether you’re upgrading your favorite pasta dish or you’re creating a spicy truffle aioli to dip your potato wedges in, TRUFF can help.

Our high-quality ingredients and brilliant truffles make for sauces you’ll be proud to put on almost anything.


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