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What To Put Hot Sauce On

TRUFF Hot Sauce over truffle pasta

What To Put Hot Sauce On

It might be tempting to think inside of the box concerning hot sauce, but your taste buds will thank you if you don't. The truth is that hot sauce is more versatile than you might think. It's not only a condiment reserved for chicken wings; this sauce can complement many snacks to create a delectable blend of flavors with an exciting kick.

Let's dig into how hot sauce can break the mold and accent your favorite snacks, dinners, and side dishes. Then, we'll show you how a luxury hot sauce can level up your gift-giving.

13 Foods That Go Well With Hot Sauce

When you think of foods you can pair with hot sauce, you might automatically picture a plate of hot wings served at a friend's super bowl party. There's nothing wrong with that, but hot sauce can be much more. Here are 13 foods you can prepare with luxury hot sauce that will have you savoring every last bite.

1. Nuggets

If you love putting hot sauce on chicken wings, this snack is another perfect option for you. The way you prepare the nuggets is up to you.

You can coat them in a hot sauce before sticking them in the oven, or you can prepare a dipping sauce with hot sauce mixed in for a kick of flavor. Try serving this one at your next house party for a bite-sized snack people will want to gather around.

2. Celery

Perhaps you're someone who loves eating snacks that have a distinct crunch. Celery with hot sauce might not be a snack you'd think of right away, but when you try it, you'll understand why it goes together. Either drizzle the hot sauce on top or mix it in with your favorite ranch for a spicy ranch condiment.

3. Carrots

Carrots maintain a delicious crunch and semi-sweet flavor in the same category as celery. But why eat this vegetable by itself when you could take the experience up a notch? Pairing carrots with hot sauce is an exciting way to ensure you get the recommended serving of vegetables daily. Or dip your carrots in a luxury buffalo sauce for a delicious remix.

4. Nuts

Nuts make a fantastic snack to eat by the handful, but they can be bland after a few bites. One way to make cashews, almonds, peanuts, and pecans more exciting is to roast them with a luxury hot sauce on top. When they come out of the oven, you'll be able to taste a kick of flavor in every satisfying bite. Put them out at a party, and your guests are in for a treat.

5. Breakfast Sandwiches

Nothing beats a hearty breakfast sandwich on a weekend morning. Bacon, egg, and cheese on toast already make a stellar combination that can start your day off on the right foot. But when you add luxury hot sauce drizzled across the inside, it can take things to the next level. You'll wonder how you ever ate a breakfast sandwich without an invigorating bit of spice.

6. Popcorn

Do you enjoy handfuls of buttery popcorn when you're watching movies on the couch? Next time you have a movie night on your schedule, you can heat things up by incorporating luxury hot sauce.

To make your popcorn spicy, pop your kernels and drizzle the hot sauce on top. Then, mix your popcorn around until it's well distributed.

Of course, you can add hot sauce to traditional butter popcorn, but adding it to kettle corn could give you a hint of sweetness to complement the fiery taste of the hot sauce. Movie nights just got zingier.

7. Deviled Eggs

When you're attending a potluck holiday lunch, you can almost guarantee someone will bring deviled eggs. There's a good reason people resort to this snack so much. It's a crowd favorite that's creamy and filling.

However, if you're tired of typical deviled eggs, there's a way for you to make yours more thrilling. Add luxury truffle hot sauce to each deviled egg to give this dish a twist.

8. Avocado Toast

Who doesn't love delicious avocado toast? This dish isn't only a breakfast staple. It's a meal that can satisfy all day long.

When you make avocado toast, there are so many ways to personalize it. Here's a quick list:

  • Vary your eggs. If you typically scramble your eggs for avocado toast, try cooking them over medium.
  • Switch up your avocado. Do you usually slice your avocado when making this dish? Try mashing it up and spreading it on your toast instead.
  • Sprinkle cheese on top. Cheese makes everything better.
  • Add luxury truffle hot sauce. This trick can spice things up to make avocado toast your favorite way to start the day.

9. Soups and Stews

Soups and stews are autumn and winter favorites for many people. No two soups are exactly alike, and you can set yours apart even more by adding some spice.

Let's say you're making taco soup one fall evening. After you've added in your taco seasoning, give your soup some excitement by mixing in high-quality truffle hot sauce.

10. Tacos

Tacos are unequivocally delicious. But adding hot sauce can ensure they reach the next level. Consider preparing your tacos with a ramekin of mouth-watering luxury hot sauce on the side for dipping.

11. Vermicelli

Are you a fan of Vietnamese food? Vermicelli with hot sauce is a combination you might not think of right away, but you'll never eat this dish without it after you try it.

12. Stir Fry

Are you planning to have a night in by yourself? Ordering stir fry is a fantastic idea. Adding hot sauce to your stir fry can make every bite more tantalizing.

13. Chicken Wings

Hot wings are a renowned classic for a reason. It wouldn't be a discussion about hot sauce without mentioning this crowd-favorite dish. But when you're preparing your hot wings, using luxury truffle hot sauce takes the experience into another realm.

4 Flavors of Luxury Hot Sauce To Keep in Your Kitchen

Even if you already have a hot sauce you like to add to your dishes from time to time, you deserve an upgrade. When it comes to serving up extraordinary dishes, TRUFF luxury truffle hot sauce is the obvious choice.

Let's explore four flavors to keep stocked in your kitchen for unbelievable flavor and delightful heat.

1. TRUFF Original Hot Sauce

Opting for the original is always an outstanding choice; it's tried and true for a reason. Whenever you're searching for that perfect zing for your wings or a touch of spice for your breakfast foods, our TRUFF Original Hot Sauce is the winner.

2. TRUFF Hotter Hot Sauce

Perhaps you like things extra hot. There's no shame in that. Rather than adding double the amount of a typical hot sauce, why not pick a sauce that can handle you? Our TRUFF Hotter Hot Sauce is just the condiment for the job.

3. TRUFF White Hot Sauce

You can wow dinner guests by choosing to give your meal luxury truffle hot sauce with a twist. Our TRUFF White Hot Sauce features agave nectar with ripe chili peppers and white truffles. Don't be surprised if guests ask you where you got such an incredible sauce.

4. TRUFF White Hotter Sauce

White truffle hot sauce with extra spice? Yes, please. This condiment goes beyond the bounds of what you expect from a typical sauce. It packs hefty heat while retaining a high-quality flavor profile the most prestigious of palettes will appreciate. Try our TRUFF White Hotter Hot Sauce to taste the combination for yourself.

Why Hot Sauce Makes a Perfect Gift

Birthdays, holidays, and milestones can all be gift-giving occasions throughout the year. If you have a home cook in your life, the odds are that they have all the oven mitts they need. When it's time to buy them a gift, think of something they'll be able to enjoy making.

Giving luxury truffle hot sauce as a gift to a food aficionado is an excellent choice. It ensures you get them something they might not think to buy themselves, and they can enjoy the fruits of their labor with whatever spicy dish they create. Plus, you might also get to enjoy the creations they whip up.

Luckily, there's an option for a subscription plan for TRUFF. You can keep luxury hot sauces coming year-round if you'd like.

TRUFF Sauce Is Your New Go-To

The sky's the limit for what you can put hot sauce on. Ultimately, it's up to your taste buds and curiosity to explore adding luxury hot sauce to different dishes. In many cases, you'll never return to eating the dish on its own again.


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